Ausail Marine Group has been using Finlease to provide finance for over 25 years for both purchasers of private vessels and charter vessels.  We have found their commitment to customer service and ability to organise hassle free finance solutions for our customers to be invaluable to our business.

Whether you’re after a new or used boat, or looking to upgrade an existing boat, Finlease makes the whole finance process easy. 

Finlease has the buying power, knowledge & relationships to offer you a tailored finance solution now and into the future offering: 

• Up to 100% funding is available (TAP)*
• Terms can be up to 5 years with up to a 40% Balloon (which can be refinanced for a 2nd period) 
• In most cases no real-estate security. 

Here’s a helpful checklist on what lenders will be looking for when you’re applying for boat finance:


Your capacity to meet the repayments based on your income.

A good credit history.

Stable employment and income

For 100% finance you need to prove that you have ‘tangible’ net worth, i.e. equity in property or investments. Our financiers do not want a mortgage, but will simply want to feel comfortable that you have the ability to make good any shortfall between the second hand value of the boat and the amount owed.


Charter boat finance lets you mix business with pleasure and no one understands charter boat finance like Finlease.

When you’re considering charter boat finance there are a few important things you should know. Finlease has been tracking the changes to the legislation over the years and can advise on the current situation. Finlease principal Mark O’Donoghue was one of the driving forces behind the Charter Boat Industry Survival Campaign in 2002 and is an acknowledged expert.

·         Finlease can comment on how the ATO may view your purchase
·         Laws have changed recently so it’s worth knowing the current situation
·         The state of the charter market including expected gross & net income expectations

When Finlease handles your charter boat finance, they can also give you a clear overview on what to expect from a charter boat business. Finlease will prepare all the charter boat finance paperwork ready for your signature, and also arrange invoices from suppliers, insurance etc and settlement.

USE THE FINLEASE CALCULATOR to give you an give you a quick indication of affordability, bear in mind Finlease has many equipment finance solutions, with a range of repayment options.

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